I love wearing my Park Lane jewelry I get so many compliments on it everywhere I go people are always tell me how nice my jewelry looks.

My jewelry makes me feel professional when I’m out working and sexy when I’m not I simply love it!

My consultant Michelle is great she goes above and beyond to help any way that she possibly can.

Michelle can just look at somebody and know what jewelry looks good on them she has an eye for it

Kat Williams
Springfield, MO


I am so grateful for all I have learned from my amazing fashion consultant, Michele Rickman.

I did not wear very much jewelry at all before Park Lane. Now, I can hardly go without it. I rarely leave the house without a long necklace on! Ask my friend, Michele why that is important ;)! I also made a business contact and now have a new friend because of my signature bracelet!

Thank you Michele for all you have taught me!

Lorie Harris
Bolivar, MO


I own several pieces of Park Lane Jewelry (some for years) and I LOVE all of them! The quality is outstanding and all the pieces look as great as they did when I got them. I NEVER fail to wear a piece where someone doesn’t compliment me on my necklace, bracelet, and/or earrings. Michele Rickman has been an excellent educator of how I actually can where pieces I thought I was too short to wear. Hats off to Park Lane and Michele! Never been disappointed! 

Jana Hathaway
Springfield, MO


I can’t say enough about Michele Rickman. She has an uncanny ability to pull a look together. She always knows how to choose pieces that make me shine and project a professional image, and I trust her judgment whole-heartedly. Michele is a joy to work with and really understands my personal style. I consider her a valuable part of my image consulting team.

Lora Newman, M.S.
Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching

As a virtual assistant, I work behind the scenes for my clients and work primarily from my home office. However, I know how important a professional image is in owning a business. My problem is I HATE SHOPPING!

Since I don’t want to be bothered by the details of shopping, I was looking for someone to be straight with me and tell me what looks good for my body style. Basically, I was looking for someone to tell me what I should wear that is comfortable and fits my personality. I am so glad to have Michele as my image consultant! She fits that bill.  She takes the pain out of shopping for me. She’s taught me so much about accessories and I feel more “put together” when out and about promoting my business.

Gayla Scrivener
Scrivener Solutions