4D Coaching

In-person sessions

Every in-person program is tailor made for individuals and groups, following the first assessment.

remote sessions

The coaching is also provided via remote, either for individuals or groups, through Zoom, Meets or FaceTime.

Services Provided

Individual Coaching

Individual programs begin with an evaluation to determine the best approach for the client. We Then move to the coaching session to discover the true message, and we finish by putting it all together with Body Language and facial expressions to connect with the ideal customer. 


Team Coaching

Team coaching is available for small, or large, groups and it’s designed to be personalized and elevate the business message but remain one voice. By the end of the session each participant will understand the importance of their personal brand and how to apply it to the team message.

Virtual Workshop

They have been created to provide an opportunity to individuals to clarify their message while working with others with the same goal. Following the same process as in person coaching, this format offers the opportunity for each individual to compare experiences and ideas having an immediate feedback on the improvements. 

Coaching Specialties

The Perfect 30

We have approximately 30 seconds when we meet someone to tell them what we do and why they need our goods or services. This program is designed to find the right words to express your message, identify your ideal clients, speak confidently, organize your message based on your audience and present yourself verbally anywhere and anytime.

Solving the style Puzzle

Designed for an individual or group, this program teaches how to define your body type, discover your signature style and simplify finding the right clothing and accessories to express who you are. Whether your job calls for a uniform or you are free to dress the way you like, a signature style makes you memorable. The group class takes place in a local boutique and a personal class begins with shopping your own closet and a supervised shopping trip to find the items you need to compliment the wardrobe you already have.

6 Beginning Steps to a Strong Personal Brand

Personal brand is sharing who you are through your visual and verbal message in person and online. Having a strong personal brand makes people understand who you are and what you stand for. It sets you apart from others who are in the same line of business as you are. Knowing the steps and how to use them empowers you to express yourself as effectively as possible.

Speak with Confidence

According to research, approximately 70% of the population suffers from the fear of public speaking. This can range from getting a little nervous to full anxiety about getting up in front of people to speak. Many people tell me that they are great one to one but if there are more that 2 or 3 people, they begin to get nervous. Since word of mouth is the number one way to build your business and connect with your clients, this can be a problem for many business people. I have helped hundreds of people learn to control their fear and develop confidence in speaking. Whether you are an introvert or love to talk to people in small groups, I can teach you how to not only how to control your fear but also enjoy talking about your business in any setting.

Nail the Interview

This program is designed to prepare you to approach your interview with confidence. From interview questions to body language, you will be ready to interview with confidence. Coaching includes not only questions you might be required to answer but also questions you will want to ask appropriately.

Make the Message Yours

This program is designed for those in sales. Often sales training is based on scripts and the successful actions of others. New sales people often struggle to find a way to move from the script to personalize how they talk about the product or service. The training can be individualized or for a team. Are you wanting to increase your sales, build a team, promote to the next sales level; this is the program for you.